Adhd Statistics 2011 – Discover More To Learn More About This Disorder

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Adhd statistics 2011 is a very interesting subject without a doubt. Over the last decade the disorder has become very prominent and millions of kids are diagnosed with it every single year. Alarmingly the rate of diagnosis has increased and along with this is an increase in the number of misdiagnoses that are made as well. A misdiagnosis is not a good thing, especially considering the fact that the child diagnosed incorrectly is usually placed on strong psycho-stimulant medications that very often produce rather disturbing side effects.

According to the AMA, ADHD is a mental disorder that is characterized by certain symptoms such as:

  • Inattention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity

It is usually when the child reaches the age of six or seven years that the symptoms are diagnosed as ADHD. Very often it is the child’s school that suggests that the child might be ADHD because the disorder does not respond well to the added stresses and responsibilities placed upon the child in the school environment. If your child is suspected of being ADHD you will need to have them seen by a mental health expert who will run a complete and thorough diagnostic process to determine whether they do have ADHD or not. This process can take up to six months but is necessary to avoid a wrong diagnosis.

When you turn your attention to adhd statistics 2011 you are sure to find that this is a very eye-opening subject. Some will find it very interesting while others will find it downright shocking! Statistics cover many aspects of the disorder such as the prevelance of it. Some estimates place the number as high as 1 out of every 4 kids has the disorder. Despite popular opinion to the contrary the age of onset is actually younger than seven and is more likely to be around the age of three.

Another very alarming statistic pertains to the number of children taking Ritalin. A decade ago around two million children were thought to be taking this ADHD medication. According to adhd statistics 2011 that figure has more than tripled over the past decade! Research is still lacking when it comes to the role of food sensitivities and allergies and how the role this plays when it comes to the disorder itself and the associated symptoms and behaviors. Nevertheless there are natural remedies available today, like the excellent range of supplements that are offered by Bright Spark, that produce very promising results when it comes to curbing ADHD behaviors. Addressing the issue of nutrition and the fact that the average child lives on a diet that is sorely lacking, is something that the manufacturers of Bright Spark take seriously. The testimonials provided by many satisfied parents can attest to that fact.