ADHD Herbal Remedies: Are They Actually Safe and Effective?

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The most common treatment for ADHD in both children and adults is the use of stimulant medication designed to improve focus and reduce impulsive behavior. These drugs work in about 70 to 80 percent of the population, but they are not right for everyone. This is especially true for young children, whose developing nervous systems could react poorly to the introduction of stimulants. That is why it might be worth looking into ADHD herbal remedies for your family. Here is a look at some of the science behind them.

Why Herbal Remedies?

When drugs work for most of the adult and child ADHD population, why would anyone choose herbal treatments instead? In many cases, ADHD medications can cause undesirable side effects, including digestive upset, sleeping problems and even anxiety. They are also easy for people who already have poor impulse control to abuse. These factors make it important to monitor any medication use carefully.

In children, the concern is even greater. While there is plenty of information available about how stimulants work in adults, we have less data about how they work in children. Many doctors have begun to prescribe ADHD drugs to very young children in an attempt to stave off more severe symptoms, but it is hard to tell what the medication is doing to these kids’ nervous systems. That’s why herbal remedies may be a better choice for many children.


As of 2013, there have been surprisingly few scientific studies performed on the effectiveness of herbal remedies for ADHD. The existing research does suggest some positive effects. For instance, one study showed that traditional Chinese herbal formulas for ADHD treatment had benefits similar to those of Ritalin, but with a reduced incidence of side effects. Ingredients like ginkgo biloba have been suggested as possible options for people with this disorder, as have a number of homeopathic remedies such as Hyoscyamus and Verta alb.


While ADHD herbal remedies offer a great opportunity for many parents and kids, it’s important to remember that they are still medication. Make sure that you read the directions on your remedies carefully and follow them to the letter. You and your doctor or other health professional should also keep track of your child’s dosage and symptoms to make sure that the herbal treatments are working properly. Used correctly, these remedies offer a great potential benefit for all kinds of children with ADHD, but it is important to follow the directions!

If you suspect that you or your child is suffering from ADHD, it is time to get a proper diagnosis. That does not mean that you have to stick with conventional treatments, however. If you don’t like the idea of using stimulant drugs or you are not sure they are right for your family members, check out herbal treatments as a possible alternative.